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                首页 > 成功故事 > 详细内容
                故事主题: Loveinhere
                真爱男生: bruclee广东省-深圳市
                真爱女生: 保密
                真爱纪念日: 2009-02-02
                故事类别: 我每一次吃饭之前们结婚了
                the dearest person of my life.
                You are always my dearest wife from our love starting,and it will get along with all my life. God arrange us to be together, i will cherish you and protect you during all my life, and will not hurt you any more. i will take all our beautiful memories and will tell our son or daugther about our stories... you are the most important person of my life.

                I will hold your hand till the moment i am not able to hold.I will take you to everywhere you want to go. Some day in certain decades years, we will become old, and the moment i recall our young time. you will find we are lucky and happy.
                I love you forever and wish we will hold our hands together through our lives.

                From my first sight on you, i knew that i had already be attracted and there would be something happened between us. And the things went on as i predicted, it made me happy and full of energy. I was feeling the greatest thankful to the God to arrange a girl such as you to falled love with me. While i am not very qualified to be a good husband and always ignore your feelings,even in the time you need me mostly. I am so sorry about my defaults and my doubt...
                I know that you love me very much and i will love you back as you love me, and i will cherish you, it is promise.
                ysh888y632018-11-29 14:40:2150#
                阿茹402013-11-21 13:06:5049#
                liqiyin432013-04-24 21:21:3848#
                xinyantu262012-05-08 08:57:0247#
                yuerbyby252011-11-04 16:32:3146#
                很第一百零一 楚阎王喜欢你们家老公呢
                jiangjiewei322011-09-28 13:52:0145#
                静夜思-2006332011-07-09 12:52:3244#
                I know that you love me very much and i will love you back as you love me, and i will cherish you, it is promise. 我知道你很爱我,我爱你就像你爱我,我会ぷ珍惜你,这是承诺。
                hvsea302011-06-30 13:28:0443#
                小米汤LO VE342011-02-17 16:24:4542#
                liyoushan272010-12-26 19:57:0741#
                顶39楼的 38楼你是不是有病 人家写不写英文怎么的 关你屁事 你是嫉妒吧
                w灰太狼w252010-11-01 17:20:1940#
                zengli_10262010-10-18 22:16:3539#
                lodylong282010-09-08 22:12:2138#
                要不要写时候洋文〇 看不懂啊  又不是找的洋骝 装吧
                ︶ㄣ琳琅232010-08-19 07:18:3137#
                李贵芝272010-08-13 10:32:2836#
                男的帅 女的靓
                lewispeng21272010-07-28 18:01:2735#
                lewispeng21272010-07-28 17:56:5634#
                chenbinyang212010-07-09 10:50:0633#
                麻烦你中国人打字吧 这样不明白不光占地面积比较大你的话 不过还是祝福你 幸福``
                868172302010-06-02 09:54:4132#
                wangyane272010-05-21 16:28:3531#